Print Series Auction

What is the Auction?

The 2008 print series has seen two screen prints released every month, one by an established, and one up-and coming artist. The prints were only available to buy for the duration of the month they were released and then never again – meaning their editions were determined by how many were sold. At our end of year show at Kemistry Gallery in London we are showing the ‘No.1’ prints of each edition, hand framed, numbered and signed. These framed prints are all available to buy, and are the last time each piece will ever be available to purchase. As they are such special items it seemed a shame to let them go simply to the quickest person off the blocks. Instead we are opening the opportunity to everyone in the form of a silent auction.

How do I Bid?

All you have to do to join the auction, is type your details along with the amount you want to bid, next to the print you wish to purchase. As in all auctions, the person who bids the most will win the artwork. Your bid will remain confidential and we will not reveal the current highest bid for each piece. You can bid as many times as you like. There is a starting price of £100 on each piece.

When Will I Find Out if I’ve Won?

The Auction will end at 2pm GMT on Friday 19th December. We will then contact the highest bidder by phone, confirming the amount bid and payment method. If we cannot get hold of the highest bidder by Monday 22nd at 2pm we will contact the next highest bidder until we are successful in getting in touch. The winning bidder will then receive a certificate of purchase by Christmas Day if in the UK, or an e-mail certificate if overseas. The pieces will then be dispatched in the first week of 2009 when the show has been taken down.

All frames are black wood and 610m x 785mm. They can be picked up free from the space, or postage must be paid by the buyer if won.

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