If You Could Collaborate

If You Could Collaborate is the fourth annual If You Could exhibition. Aiming to provide a platform for the finest creatives from all over the world to question their conventional working methods and outcomes. The contributors have been challenged to produce something a little unexpected, by working with a partner of their choosing from any discipline, profession or background. There is no brief to answer, or format to honour – the only limit being the enterprise and imagination of the artists involved, and a liberal 12 month deadline. Below are all of the pairings, and their outcomes.

A Foundation Gallery, Rochelle School

Hellovon & Timothy Saccenti

Very rarely do you see technology being used as a tool to sincerely complement an analogue process, but the work of London’s Hellovon seems to buck the trend effortlessly. Using a combination of bewilderingly detailed pencil drawings and an equally deft touch on the mouse, Von makes compositions that seem to defy what we may have previously deemed possible.

Photographer/director Timothy Saccenti was Von’s chosen collaborator, and together they have produced a limited A2 Giclee print based on a beautiful, nude female human.


To request a press release or to find out more details please e-mail alex@ifyoucould.co.uk.

If you could collaborate catalogue

312 page, 235 x 165mm catalogue, documenting the process of each project is available to buy via the It’s Nice That shop (£15)