If You Could Collaborate

If You Could Collaborate is the fourth annual If You Could exhibition. Aiming to provide a platform for the finest creatives from all over the world to question their conventional working methods and outcomes. The contributors have been challenged to produce something a little unexpected, by working with a partner of their choosing from any discipline, profession or background. There is no brief to answer, or format to honour – the only limit being the enterprise and imagination of the artists involved, and a liberal 12 month deadline. Below are all of the pairings, and their outcomes.

A Foundation Gallery, Rochelle School

Michael Moloney & John Hooper

We’d probably all agree that television is filled with far too many adverts these days – no one likes their favourite half an hour of escapism disjointed by some mindless visuals, promoting mindless things. That is until you see one of Michael Moloney’s shorts. Easy on the eye moving image, packed with great ideas are the foundations on which Michael has built his studio, working for top clients without losing an ounce of personal verve.

Having invested lots of time and planning in the project with his collaborator, photographer John Hooper, Michael has made a time-lapse film set 2500ft up a big hill in the Great Langdale area of The Lake District. They shot continuously for 24 hours with the camera rotating twice through 360°.


Watch the film on Vimeo

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If you could collaborate catalogue

312 page, 235 x 165mm catalogue, documenting the process of each project is available to buy via the It’s Nice That shop (£15)